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MDE Ireland aims to promote safer pregnancy by conducting confidential reviews into maternal deaths, identifying learning points, and using its findings to formulate and disseminate recommendations.


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Confidential Maternal Death Enquiry (MDE) in Ireland. Report for the Triennium 2009-2011

Posted November 2012

This is the first report of MDE Ireland, covering the years 2009 - 2011. This report outlines the early stages of the Confidential Enquiry in Ireland. The focus of MDE Ireland has been on establishing a robust process for data collection and analysis, and raising awareness of this important audit of maternity services in Ireland. Although the overall maternal mortality for Ireland is reassuring and compares favourably with other countries, it is important to avoid complacency, and we look forward to negotiating our continued involvement with the reorganized UK Confidential Enquiry (previously CEMACH and CMACE).

Adobe PDF (Acrobat) Document file  Confidential Maternal Death Enquiry (MDE) in Ireland. Report for the Triennium 2009-2011 

Change in Organisational Title

Posted May 2011

The title of CMACE Ireland has changed to MDE Ireland from April 2011.

The Governance Structure of the Maternal Death Enquiry in Ireland and the UK

Posted May 2011

Until recently the Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries had the reponsibility for providing the Maternal Death Enquiry in the UK.

In April 2011, an expert group was established in the UK to determine the appropriate scope and plan for the future of the Maternal Death Enquiry.

Until the review group has completed its work, the Department of Health in England and representatives from administrations in Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland have recommended that data collection proceeds without interruption to ensure that the outputs from the process continue to support learning and service improvement.

To this end, a communiqué all maternity units and other stakeholders throughout Ireland, in common with UK countries, has been disseminated requesting that data collection be maintained in support of the Enquiry. The MDE Ireland office will continue to coordinate the process and will update you when these new governance arrangements evolve.

Saving Mothers Lives Report 2011

Posted March 2011

The Eighth Report of the Confidential Enquiries into Maternal Deaths in the UK, Saving Mothers' Lives 2006 - 2008 was launched recently at a series of conferences in early March. Whilst Irish data was not included in this triennial report, the launch was held in Dublin for the first time.

Adobe PDF (Acrobat) Document file  Saving Mothers' Lives Report 2011